Vintage Tennis Gems Classic tennisrackets and more......


This site is made to inform classic tennis enthousiasts about the various rackets from a gone by era.

I have collected and photographed many vintage tennisrackets and want to share these with you.

You will find that the rackets are classified by brand.

Since this is a Dutch website there will be extra information about some of Holland’s famous tennisracket manufacturers such as Rucanor, Pinguin,

Life Sport and Holwha.

Besides rackets you will find information about fellow collectors, vintage tennis events, promotional items, bags, apparel and more....

!!My collection holds over 600 rackets, some are for sale!!

Contact me for info or if you are looking for a particular racket!!

Enjoy this ride through the memory lane of vintage tennisrackets!!

Kind Regards, Hans Eggink

For our Dutch viewers:

Voor informatie over bespannen etc., zie “Racket Service” of neem contact op via “Contact”.


Welcome to the world of classic tennisrackets